Is Lilliputiens Belgian?

Lilliputiens is a through and through Belgian company. The toys, patterns, fabrics, characters, are all 100% own creations and 100% Belgian. A team of five young and trend-conscious moms always provide for the amazement in our toys. The production of our toys takes place in different countries

Why do we call Lilliputiens’ toys ‘evolutive’?

All our toys have got just that little extra: they are exciting, surprising and challenging. They stimulate creativity, fine motor skills, role-playing… They most definitely incite children to discover their environment in a playful and educationally sound way. Moreover, our toys grow with your child’s perception of its environment. What seemed at first but a simple ball, later turns out to conceal a fairy tale character that even makes funny noises. A little book that used to be a sleeping cuddle for the littlest ones, suddenly becomes an expedition along colorful pictures. That way, Lilliputiens’ toys enable all children to enjoy, learn and evolve at their own rhythm. New discoveries will always lie ahead! The age mentioned on this website for every toy is always the age from which the toy is adequate. That means the toys grow and evolve with your child’s interests and development phases. Definitely not the kind of toy that is stowed away after three months!

Does Lilliputiens only make toys?

Lilliputiens is Belgian company specialized in the production of fabric-based toys for young children. Over the years, however, our range has extended and now includes an ‘off we go’ collection: fun schoolbags, backpacks, pencil cases, beauty cases… for the kids.

Do you wish to transform your baby’s or toddler’s room into a world of dragons or fairies? In that case Lilliputiens also offers all you need: from sleeping bags, to bed bumpers, mobiles to stickers, music boxes etc.

We also have our gamma Little Chef. We propose recipe books and cooking tools adapted for children from 4 years old.

Are Lilliputiens’ toys machine-washable?

Most of our toys are machine-washable at 30°C/86°F, at low spin speed. To obtain the best possible result, we advise you to put the toy in the washing machine in a pillow case. That avoids loose parts getting stuck in the washer and will fully protect your Lilliputiens toy. Certain toys may only be washed on the surface. Sometimes it is required to remove a toy’s sound element before washing. Golden rule: the individual washing instructions can be found on each toy’s packaging as well as on its label. Read carefully before washing your child’s favorite toy.

Where can I buy Lilliputiens’ toys?

A list of our partners can be found in the ‘Where to find us’-section of this website. These stores offer most of our collection and can in any case order the product you desire. In addition, there are numerous online stores.

What does the POG number on my Lilliputiens toy’s label mean?

Every Lilliputiens toy carries a label, attached to the toy itself, with a number preceded by POG, for example POG-89-0112. This number refers to the traceability of the toy: it enables us to retrieve its production date. Please mention this number in case of communication with us about your Lilliputiens toy.

To what tests are Lilliputiens’ toys subjected?

As toy manufacturers we devote the highest care and attention to the quality and safety of our products. We therefore enforce the highest international standards and subject our products to the most severe tests, often beyond legal requirements.

The materials we use are selected with care, evaluated time and time again and subjected to the most severe tests (EN71, AZO, Cadmium, plasticizers, saliva, ASTM, etc.).

Our dyed or printed materials are all certified as AZO-FREE, which means they have been comprehensively tested for azo compounds, heavy metals and so forth. This certification guarantees none of the dyes used in our patterns are toxic.

Every toy is thoroughly tested by internationally recognized external laboratories and meets the strictest European and international standards.

What if, in spite of all our efforts, something goes wrong with a Lilliputiens toy?

As toy manufacturers, we devote the highest care and attention to the quality and safety of our products. We therefore enforce the highest standards and subject our products to the most severe tests, often beyond legal international requirements. If, in spite of all our efforts, something goes wrong with one of our products, you can always get help from Lilliputiens’ partners. Bring along your toy, preferably in the original packaging and whether or not with the receipt. The shop assistant will decide if the product is suitable for exchange.