Our characters

Lilliputiens are a happy tribe of funny and endearing characters. A wonderful collection of animals who cheerfully cry out: Let’s Play!

The Team!

  • Alice

    Alice is as smart as a fox. She likes nature and playing games together. She does not really mind losing.  If she does, she is just happy for you! 

  • Anaïs

    Not one… not two… but three mini me’s! The charming flamingo mother Anais adores her pink chicks. She loves nice things for her babies and herself and is cray about flamingo time with her friends. 

  • Georges

    The limber lemur Georges makes jokes all day long, turning every which way, and hangs tight everywhere. George is also accident-proine. Will you pick  him up again?

  • Ignace

    Ignace the Donkey, zen, chill, but who thinks no less (he only does what he wants). He never goes out without his sunhat, doesn't worry about the flyaway locks falling over his eyes. He likes to tinker, being a repairman tempts him a lot!

  • Jack

    Roaaar! Did you hear that mighty roar? Chances are it was Jack the lion. Jack loves music. He is a party animal and everyone’s friend. You are highly likely to become best mates. 

  • Louise

    Louise the unicorn is beautiful and elegant, she looks like something out of a fairy tale. She will enchant you with her character and take you to dreamland. 

  • Marius

    Marius is a rhinoceros with a right-down tough appearance. But his bark is worse than his bite… He is really a gentle giant and a dear friend. 

  • Pablo

    Pablo, the jolly toucan always has a good joke to tell. He loves eating and is a little clumsy. Sometimes he flies in every which direction! Can you show this avid fowl the way? 

  • Rosalie

    Rosalie the cow is our pretty rebel, fearless, go-getter, always ready to jump over the fence to go on an adventure with her friend Ignace and the others. She's the leader of the farm gang!

  • Little Red Riding Hood

    Little Red Riding Hood goes skipping through the forest with her jolly red cap and basket full of yummy things. She is not afraid, but is a little naïve at times. Will you protect her from danger?   

  • Zia

    Yoo-hoo! There goes Zia, the dancing giraffe. She laughs at your jokes, makes her own rules and dresses the way she likes. Will you tell her your fantasy stories?