Passionné par Lilliputiens, parent curieux ou tout simplement à la recherche du jouet idéal, nous vous partagerons 4-5 fois par an nos nouveautés, nos coups de cœur, nos bons conseils ou nos évenements.

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Fall - Winter collection 2018

Hearing, sight, touch... all the senses are covered in the Lilliputiens 2018 autumn-winter collection. The friends from Lilliputiens have something in store for everyone. A series of new, colourful and interactive books will enthral children with stories where emotion and empathy take centre stage and where skilful little fingers can get down to work. Young toddlers learn about the seasons, days and time thanks to fabric panels, or how to count to 10 in a playful manner. In a word, a collection with smart little games, that will delight children and parents for a long time to come.

1Hello, sweet little baby

To welcome your little ones and make sure that their initial acquaintance with the world is ever so gentle and comfortable, we have given our new collection an extra-soft feel.


 Marius, keepsake


Anatole rolls up

2Exploring by touching and feeling

The naps are getting shorter and shorter, curiosity is aroused and little hands grab everything within reach. The textures, sounds and activities of Lilliputiens toys stimulate your baby to explore further with every step.


Jack, sound roll

Chaperon rouge

Little Red Riding Hood, Hide-and-seek cottage

3The world is getting bigger and bigger

The first steps are taken, and your little one’s world is getting bigger and bigger, with new challenges. Imagination and role play are becoming more and more prominent in the games your child plays. Puzzles and figures are starting to attract attention.

Arche Noé

My first Noah's Ark


My first puzzle

4Books with an added touch…

You simply cannot start early enough to read to your child. Not only is it good for perception, but it also stimulates your child’s language development. The books from Lilliputiens set their fine motor skills to work too. And then, they create fine moments to share.


Activity book: The Wolf and the Seven Goats


Livre réversible : Nicolas s'est levé du pied gauche.