Passionné par Lilliputiens, parent curieux ou tout simplement à la recherche du jouet idéal, nous vous partagerons 4-5 fois par an nos nouveautés, nos coups de cœur, nos bons conseils ou nos évenements.

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Hello, sweet little baby


 Marius, keepsake

Marius, the rhinoceros, a gigantic but ever so soft and gentle friend, will accompany your little one for a very long time and will keep all his treasures in his maw.

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Anatole rolls up

Anatole, the sweet, cuddly crocodile, protects your little one in the playpen and is always ready for a little fun.

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Anais, light catcher

Anais is not only an elegant flamingo that brightens up the nursery, but also a real light catcher – to the great delight of little eyes.

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Chaperon rouge

Little Red Riding Hood out and about

This handy little toy can be easily attached to different carriers: car seat, buggy, relax chair… Times flies as your child is engrossed by the colours, the little mirror and the different textures and sounds.

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Exploring by touching and feeling


Jack, sound roll

Jack is here to help your child develop his hearing and fine motor skills. Thanks to “velcros”, you can take each roll apart quickly and put them back together. Each part makes a different sound and is covered with a soft and cute fabric. 4 rattles in one ! Perfect to entertain babies !

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Marius, pyramid

Marius has all sorts of secret little places, each and every one of which holds nice surprises in store: rattles, funny sounds, moulds that have to be placed in each other… A toy which will provide endless fun but also a nice way to stimulate your little one’s motor skills.

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Zia, dancing giraffe rattle

Zia, the dancing giraffe with a rattle in her belly, her many rings and her vibrating legs will make your little one laugh.

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Chaperon rouge

Little Red Riding Hood “Peekaboo”

Little Red Riding Hood’s cottage holds more than one surprise in store. Do you dare look who is hiding in the cottage?

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Alice, hide and seek

Peekaboo! Alice the fox emerges from the leaves... She is looking for her three vixens. Thanks to this cuddly hand puppet and three finger puppets, each in a different mood, you can invent a heap of stories with your children, from the simple peekaboo to the craziest adventures. When the small vixens have finished playing, each one returns to its nest, recognizable by its colours and patterns. This toy can help develop fine motor skills, imagination, the sense of observation and first notions of association.

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The world is getting bigger and bigger

Arche noé

My first Noah's Ark

Ideal for little adventurers. Giving a place to the animals in and around Noah's ark and embarking on mad adventures can be such fun.

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My first puzzle

On the theme of emotions and the weather. Four puzzles on the same theme packed in one bag – handy for taking to the restaurant or a visit to the doctor.

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I'm learning to count - counting panel

This wall panel can be used to teach your child to count to ten at his or her pace in a playful manner.

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Books with an added touch…


Book, Jack roars

An interactive book with a finger puppet to make the story even more lively! The story helps teach your child that you can react to a situation in different ways, while s/he also learns to name different emotions. Share delightful moments with your child in the company of this colourful book, teeming with funny characters.

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Activity book, The Wolf and the Seven Goats

Children love stories, especially when they can play an active role in them. In this interactive book, your child helps mommy goat find her children. All sorts of hatches have to be opened and closed in different ways – ideal for developing motor skills and mastering the different attachment systems.

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Livre réversible : Nicolas s'est levé du pied gauche.

A superbly illustrated little book where two characters deal with a number of events in different ways. Nicolas the wolf gets out of bed on the wrong side, while Sasha, the little girl, starts the day full of cheer – a nice way to show your child the difference between a positive and a negative way to deal with things.

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