Originated from wonder

Lilliputiens toys cannot be easily described. If, however, we were to use one word that sums it up, it would be ‘wonder’. Wonders are the common theme of all our creations. The magic of hidden surprises, the stirrings of curiosity, the shapes that get you thinking... every plaything is a voyage of discovery.

In our world full of little wonders, every toy has its own fun story. Lilliputiens’ numerous mascots each have their own magical universe. Soft materials and disarming characters engender trust, while the many shapes, colors, noises,... will continuously challenge a child’s inquisitive spirit. A fun and high-quality way to learn. If you’re looking for stimulating, heartwarmingly attractive and completely safe toys, for little pieces full of wonders filling even you with pleasure, Lilliputiens has got it!

Lilliputiens is a through and through Belgian company, specialized in the production of fabric-based toys. We set ourselves apart through the extreme quality and the compelling creativity of our products. Our goals incorporate the values that we pass on to all our toys – educational, fun and aesthetic values. We strive to offer the best price-quality ratio possible.

Our characters

Imagination rules

All our Lilliputiens toys and characters are covered in a variety of fabrics. Our creative team of young mums invents every fabric. They draw the prints and choose the colors and textures very carefully. This way every character gets their own fabric and each child will quickly recognize their own favorite Lilliputiens friend. If your child likes pink dots and flowers then Liz, the elf, will quickly become her bosom friend... Or what do you think of Simon, the hedgehog who traded in his spikes for lush velvet?

The varieties in fabrics activate the senses of the little ones. Touch, hearing and sight are stimulated over and over again in a playful Lilliputiens way.

And at Lilliputiens, we also think about the parents. Almost all the toys are machine washable and they all meet all the safety regulations. The materials used are selected very carefully, continually reassessed, and subject to the most stringent controls.

In addition, our collection follows the modern trends in interior design. So they look good in every room in the house.

From babies to infants

Walter the dragon, Simon the hedgehog, Arnold the hippo... They are all part of the wonderful world of Lilliputiens: an original collection of toys in contemporary colors, attractive shapes and cuddly fabrics. All our toys have that little extra something, they manage to tempt you, amaze you and challenge you. They stimulate creativity, motor skills, role play, and more. They let children discover the world around them in a playful and educationally responsible manner.

And our toys also ''grow'' with the children''s experiences of the world around them. What at first looks like just a stuffed ball, later turns into a fairy-tale figure and even makes noises. A book that for the very youngest was just something that rustled when you hugged it, suddenly turns into a voyage of discovery through colorful scenery. .

So each child can enjoy them at their own speed, learn and grow. There is always something new to be discovered!