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Happy Lena Water Bottle - 600 ml



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To keep her complexion radiant and always be the fairest unicorn of them all, Lena regularly keeps herself hydrated with the help of her favourite water bottle. This original yet practical Happy Lena water bottle will be perfect for your child as the day wears on: at school, a picnic or even a walk. The easy opening which provides access to the straw, makes the product easy to drink from. Furthermore, it is removable to ensure that everything can be thoroughly cleaned. This 600 ml water bottle is made from weather-resistant stainless steel and stands the test of time against any knocks it may endure during your little one’s adventures, thanks to the silicone base. An easy-to-grip plastic cap. So what are you waiting for? Explore the entire Happy Lena collection now or the many other water bottles featuring members of the light-hearted Lilliputiens gang.

CompositionStainless steel + plastic cap + silicone bottom protection
Dimensions7 x 7 x 23,5 cm
washing instructionsLavable à la main