The limber lemur Georges makes jokes all day long, turning every which way, and hangs tight everywhere. Georges is also accident-proine. Will you pick  him up again?

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  • Georges

    Discover all the creations of Georges, the agile lemur.


    L’anecdote sur le personnage

    Georges will have had several lives: drawn by Adeline in 2012, he is accompanied by a small chameleon. Facetious, agile, gifted to live upside down, he started a career in the circus, then made his getaway to the jungle in 2016 where he lives a happy retirement, even if he still makes a few public appearances.
    The name of Georges was officially chosen in honour of the little English prince born at the time our lemur was finalized, but also, internally, as a nod to a great (and handsome) coffee lover, what else?

    La playlist de Georges

    Un ami de Georges

  • Reversible cuddle

    Georges the lemur is looking for his girlfriend Anaïs the flamingo. Hop, Anaïs appears in no time. But where's Georges now? A funny reversible rattle for dextrous kids.

  • Jungle lunchbag

    Many eyes are watching over your lunch through the canopy. This thermal lunch bag not only keeps your favourite snack fresh, but also adds extra colour and fun during your lunch...

  • Jungle backpack

    Curious eyes peep through the foliage of the big jungle. This extremely practical backpack is designed for little explorers who turn every trip into a great adventure. Made of...

  • Jungle schoolbag

    Who is squeaking through the canopy? And who grabbed the watermelon? This ergonomic school bag has been designed with the little ones in mind, with surprising illustrations that...