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It’s a Smart Wonder

Enter a new world... A world where little wonders come to life...

Poule Volante

Lilliputiens innovates and launches
‘Smart Wonders’ !


Toys that are 100% Lilliputiens: they ally discovery, creativity and fun, but with a secret plus! An app that gives life to some virtual little wonders !

How does it work?

  • Download one of our free apps (Ophélie & Nicolas) on App Store or Google Play
  • Scan the Lilliputiens Smart Wonders toy
  • And play ! Our 6 toys contain 13 games and animations!


Lilliputiens wants to transmit its key values :

  • - Share a moment with the family,
  • - Learn and discover while playing,
  • - Stimulate the kids’ imagination.

Want to know more? The app Lilliputiens Experience shows you how it works. Download it here: App Store or Google Play

Where to find our Smart Wonders Shops?